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When it comes to gastronomic adventures, Amsterdam is an absolute haven for food enthusiasts. From traditional Dutch treats to international delicacies, the street food scene in Amsterdam is as diverse as its culture. This article takes you on a culinary snack journey through the city streets, exploring the best of streetfood Amsterdam, from the exotic Asian flavours at the streetfood club Amsterdam to the Mediterranean delights at Tel Aviv streetfood Amsterdam and the innovative fusion at streetfood by Han Amsterdam.

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Try Streetfood (like bitterballen & stroopwafels) on a private boat in Amsterdam

A Taste of Tradition: Dutch Streetfood Classics

Herring: A Fishy Delight

Amsterdam’s street food scene would be incomplete without the mention of Herring, a classic Dutch snack. This raw, brined fish is a national favorite and is available at fish stalls and fishmongers all over the city. The tradition involves eating the herring in two ways: the “Amsterdam way”, where it is sliced into small pieces and topped with raw onion, and the “Rotterdam way”, where the entire fish is lowered into the mouth.

herring amsterdam streetfood

Kibbeling: A Crispy Treat

Another fishy delight is the Kibbeling, a delicacy made from battered and deep-fried white fish. These golden, crispy pieces of heaven are usually served with a mayo-heavy sauce, adding to the seaside effect.

Patatje Oorlog: The War of Fries

Patatje Oorlog, or “war fries”, is a must-try street food in Amsterdam. These crispy fries are served with a unique combination of mayonnaise, diced raw onions, and peanut/satay sauce, bringing in an Indonesian influence to the Dutch culinary scene.

Poffertjes: Mini Pancake Magic

Poffertjes, miniature fluffy Dutch pancakes, are a sweet street food delight. Prepared with yeast and buckwheat flour, they puff up during the cooking process, resulting in a magical, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

The International Influence: A World of Flavours

Roti Rolls: A Surinamese Specialty

The Dutch colonial history brings in an exotic blend of flavours to Amsterdam’s street food. One such treat is the Roti roll, a Surinamese specialty. The flaky flatbread is served with a sauce-heavy curry, spiced potatoes, boiled egg, and kousenband (long, stringy green beans), creating a punchy flavour profile.

Lahmacun: Turkish Pizza

Amsterdam’s street food also boasts influences from the Middle East, thanks to substantial immigration from Turkey. Lahmacun, commonly known as Turkish pizza in Amsterdam, is a wafer-thin dough topped with minced meat, vegetables, herbs, and spices. It’s baked until crisp and then rolled up with salad, garlic sauce, chili sauce, and kebab meat.

Sweet Street Treats: Sugary Delights

Stroopwafels: The Caramel Wonder

Stroopwafels, or syrup waffles, is a sweet street food treat that originated from the Netherlands. Two spiced wafers are sandwiched with a layer of caramel, creating a heavenly treat.

amsterdam streetfood stroopwafels

Oliebollen: Festive Doughnut Balls as Streetfood Amsterdam

Oliebollen, or “oil balls”, are a festive snack in the Netherlands. These doughnut-like balls are dusted with icing sugar and are usually available during the festive season.

The Asian Influence: A Taste of the East

Amsterdam offers a feast of Asian flavours, from fresh spring rolls to exotic curries. The Asian streetfood Amsterdam scene is vibrant and diverse, offering a range of culinary delights.

Amsterdam Loempias as Streetfood: Crispy Spring Rolls

Loempias, or spring rolls, are a common sight at Amsterdam’s markets and food festivals. These crispy fried rolls are filled with glass noodles, veggies, shrimp, or meat and are usually served with sweet chili sauce.

Streetfood by Han Amsterdam: Fusion Food

The streetfood by Han Amsterdam is a unique fusion food experience, blending the traditional flavours of the East with the modern culinary techniques of the West. This innovative offering is a testament to the diversity and creativity of Amsterdam’s street food scene.

The Streetfood Club Amsterdam: A Gastronomic Journey

The streetfood club Amsterdam is a culinary hub that offers a range of international flavours. From Mexican tacos to Dutch meatballs, the club is a melting pot of world cuisines, inviting foodies to embark on a gastronomic journey.

Tel Aviv Streetfood Amsterdam: Mediterranean Delights

Last but not least, the Tel Aviv streetfood Amsterdam brings the exotic flavours of the Mediterranean to the city streets. From creamy hummus to flavourful falafel, the offerings are a true delight for the senses.

In conclusion, the streetfood Amsterdam scene is a true reflection of the city’s multicultural ethos. Each food stall and eatery offers a unique culinary experience, taking you on a delicious journey through the city streets. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Dutch treats or exotic international delicacies, the city has something to satisfy every palate.

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So, the next time you’re in Amsterdam, don’t forget to take a walk down its bustling streets and indulge in a gastronomic adventure. After all, there’s no better way to explore a city than through its food. Bon Appétit!

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